Baby of the Blues….The Record Company Rocks and Rolls!

Years ago, Muddy Waters said “the blues had a baby and it’s called Rock and Roll”.  Well, the baby…The Record Company…is doing GREAT!  A three piece band based in Los Angeles, the Record Company put on a fantastic show last night in Hamden Connecticut.  Playing at a very small club that was packed to the gills, they cranked out almost two hours of deeply blues based rock and roll.  Intense and energized are the best words to describe the performance.

The Record Company

The star of the show was Chris Vos, the lead guitarist and singer. He is just a blast to watch as he sings, struts, jumps, and howls out the tunes. AND he is an accomplished axe player using electric, acoustic, and lap steel guitars during the set.  Overall the band are a tight solid trio of rock and roll musicians.  The bass player, Alex Stiff, is responsible for the slide bass riff….yes I said slide bass….at the core of their breakout hit, Off the Ground. And the drummer, Marc Cazorla, laid down a steady insistent beat throughout the show.


They played most of the songs on their debut album, Give It Back To You (2016 Concord Music Group), including my favorites Feels So Good and Hard Day Coming Down. And I was very impressed with their live rendition of Rita Mae Young.

And as a blues man, I was thrilled to see how Muddy’s baby grew up…..the kid is more than alright!! I believe he would be proud of the sincerity and lack of pretention in The Record Company’s live performance. They came to give it back and they damn sure did.

They are currently on tour supporting the new album. They won’t be playing small clubs and halls much longer so go see them NOW!

One thought on “Baby of the Blues….The Record Company Rocks and Rolls!

  1. I recently discovered these guys myself and in fact, added them to a blog post featuring some good bluesy stuff. I did not know they were touring and I see they are in my neck of the woods in the fall. Think I’ll check ’em out. Thanks for the tip. PS. Slide bass???


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