Blues (and almost the blues) Reviews for June 23, 2015

Tara Holloway

Tara Holloway Little Ghosts (Light Organ Records 2015)

With a voice similar in style to Melissa Etheridge, this Canadian songwriter/singer does a nice mix of pop, rock, and almost  the blues. Her style caught the attention of the producers of the “Sons of Anarchy” and she appears on several music tracks over the seven seasons of the TV series. I enjoyed the tracks “Off the Wagon“, “Red Light“, “Little Ghosts“, and “Matter of Attack“.  A fine cigar rating for a lady who has a blues soul and a bright future!

Boo Boo Davis What kinda

Boo Boo DavisWhat Kind of Shit is This? (Black and Tan Records 2014)

A big fat cigar for creativity!  A strong helping of R.L. Burnside, a touch of John Lee Hooker, and an insistent electronic beat make for a nice album of monochrome blues dance tunes. Boo Boo has a Mississippi pedigree and the vision to carry his music to a new generation of listeners with no apologies for the roots of the blues.  This is badass blues stripped down to what some would term as minimalist electronic dance music with a tasteful use of the harmonica and the occasional banjo.  Check it out!

Katy Guillen

Katy Guillen & The Girls (Vizzable Music 2015)

The Kansas City area just keeps crankin’ out great blues rock artists! Following in the footsteps of Trampled Under Foot and Amanda Fish, this debut album rates one fine cigar! Loved “Old Best Friend“, “Think Twice“, and “The Race“.  Listening to this power trio brought back memories of recordings of live Grand Funk Railroad from back in the day. Many thanks to Richard Rosenblatt with the VizzTone Labels group for an email recommending I give this a listen!