Take a break from what you are doing and give this six pack of roadhouse blues tunes a listen; the rest of your day will go better!

Quinn Sullivan – All Around the World – Wide Awake

A young and upcoming talent mentored by Buddy Guy, Quinn moves towards the mainstream with his latest recording. The guitar licks alone make it worth a listen.

Davey Knowles – Solid Ground – What Happens Next

I just love the voice of Davy Knowles and he is also one fine blues rockin’ guitar player!

The Liberators – Waitin’ – Waitin’

The Liberators are blues rockers from the Netherlands and they are simply just BADASS!!

Tia Carrol – Ain’t Nobody Worryin’ – You Gotta Have It

Tia is from the Bay area and she lays down a soul groove to a song with a social conscience.

Veronica Lewis – Put Your Wig On Mama – You Ain’t Unlucky

Veronica is a ivory poundin’ talent from Boston with a bright bright future….TURN IT UP!

The Wildroots – Misty Morning in New Orleans – Wildroot Sessions Volume 1

This song just makes me homesick for my hometown of New Orleans. Victor Wainwright, Mark Hodgson, John Oates…..an impressive group of artists got together for the album.

Hope you enjoyed the tunes…….have a GREAT day! And if ya want to listen to more…just tune in to my 24 hour roadhouse blues stream at WRHB or catch me every Thursday from 3-5 pm EDT on http://www.bluesmusicfan.com.

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