In the mood for some badass blues rock with lightning in a bottle guitar riffs and sung with a voice that communicates a passion for the blues and relates a life spent paying dues at roadhouses and juke joints all over the mid western United States?  Meet Kelly Richey!!  Hailing from Cincinnati, she has been crankin out blues rock for over 25 years.  She’s as comfortable jammin’ out on T-Bone Walkers Mean Old World as she is effortlessly moving over the frets to an extended version of Hey Joe.  With a real rockin blues mama voice to accompany some world class guitar playing, she deserves to be better known than she is.  I would love to see her on a stage jamming with Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton, or Buddy Guy….she sounds that good on guitar.


Besides the two cuts I mentioned above, I enjoyed Afraid to Die from her latest album Shakedown Soul.  There are several cuts from her previous dozen or so albums that have caught my attention:also: Fast Drivin’ Mama, Ripped & Torn,  and The Blues Don’t Lie. And I really love Brick from her Live…As It Should be recording.

Overall she has an impressive discography and merits a good listen. She is also a song writer and a guitar teacher working to pass the blues onto the next generation, Kelly epitomizes THE Rockin’ Blues Mama.  If she gets close, go see her and download some of her tunes!!

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