Strike the Bell for the Delta Generators!

Last night, we got to see a bad ass rockin’ blues band called the Delta Generators at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford.  I just recently added their song “Strike the Bell” to my DJ set rotations and my 24 hour blues stream, so I was pretty excited at the opportunity to see them live…they did not disappoint!

They are a four piece band out of Boston featuring brothers Rick O’Neal on bass and backup vocals and Charlie O’Neal on guitars along with Jeff Armstrong on the skins and Brian Templeton serving as the new lead vocalist, harmonica player, and on acoustic guitar.

They have been nominated for and won several blues awards since their inception in 2008 and it is readily obvious why  once you get to hear them play. They cranked out tunes last night from the latest CD offering, Hipshakers and Heartbreakers, as well as from their previous three albums. Charlie is a gifted guitarist with an unassuming style but he speaks loudly through his guitar!  Watching him work the slide was pure joy. Jeff and Rick did a good job of laying down a steady groove and Brian was simply GREAT on vocals.  Brian joined the band this past August, after the release of the latest album, and he is a big man with a huge voice that could barely be contained in the small venue.  A cross between Howlin Wolf and Magic Sam, he has the range and grittiness that I associate with the best gut wrenching roadhouse blues singers.

During a break, I got to chat briefly with the brothers. Rick indicated that they are going to focus on building a larger base at clubs in the Northeastern United States over the coming months. Sooooo….strike the bell….pass the word in the Northeast……the Delta Generators are coming soon to a club near YOU!

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